About Pure Academy

Pure consulting academy is Saudi academy that’s aims to contribute to their economic evolution of Saudi Arabia by building local talents capabilities. We offer a variety of tailors business courses for professionals, taught by well-seasoned multinational experts. These courses are based on real experience and practice-based knowledge, and deliver a unique interactive approach learning that engages every delegate in the course and maximizes their learning experience.

Marketing Foundation Program

A practical marketing course covering merketing fundamental from A-Z

Applied Marketing For Agencies

Improving the Depth and quality of marketing plans

Customized Courses for Organization

Pure Consulting Academy will partner with your organization to design a
program tailored to your objectives and needs.


Applied Marketing For Agencies

  • Sting Vs Weak Brands
  • Consumer need analysis and market segmentation
  • Brand mapping
  • Brand positioning & Brand Planning inculding financial appreciation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Building Brand Value and market development
  • Exploring the precess of data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Defining a set of clear marketing and business objective
  • Developing consumer insights
  • Generating creative ideas based on consumer insights, forming a dirct link from the consumer to the idea which is presented to the client, with a clear 'audit trail' to demonstrate the steps from scpnsumer behavior to the idea
  • Conducting Consumer interviews to appreciate the need to understand consumer motication and inspiration beyond the obvious
  • Idea Generation through mind mapping
  • Developing a full capaign including channel, budget and creative considerations

What was your experience and benefit from going through courses?

"The highlight of the course was the innovative calendar to me, something insightful and never done before"

Mohammed Alsaadoun (Marketing manager SABB)

"Having a proper structure and flow and thought I can refer to with every single project I work on"

Omar Hussein (Digital Marketing Consultant)

"The highlight of the course, it was enlightening, ideas kept flying, flying to me"

DR. Abdulrhamn Binali(Business Development Manager Enaya)

"The course helped me as a person in how to sell my own business and how to position myself .."

Rayan Sultan(Sunbulah Group, Brand Manger)